• G. S. Bhatt Heat Transfer Augmentation in a Semiconductor Device

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      G. S. Bhatt Heat Transfer Augmentation in a Semiconductor Device


      New techniques that are capable of eliminating hot spots in the printed circuit boards with semiconductor chips must be developed. The flow in these channels is usually low... From reliability point of view, the peak temperatures are limited to lower values than in the past. Thermal control of electronic components has one principal objective to maintain relatively constant component temperature equal to or below the specified temperature. Investigations have demonstrated that a component operating 100C above the specified temperature can reduce the reliability of some systems by as much as 50%. With circuit densities continuing to increase at the rate of 30% per year, the problem associated with the thermal control of electronic devices will continue to multiply. These concerns have generated motivation for research study of forced convection cooling in electronic equipments with printed circuit boards. For the heat fluxes 1.0 to 10.0 W/cm2, forced air convection may be employed.

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